Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Trails & Tales Update (Beta)
21 June 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: arrange the most memorable adventures in the block space, meet its inhabitants, and find a lot of new things.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

The developers do not get tired of delighting users with unique features that make the gameplay more interesting. New mobs and items appear in the territory, as well as interesting structures and locations.

After installing Minecraft PE, players will have access to the use of unique objects, such as clay pots and suspicious sand. A bug has also been fixed that led to problems in using the pressure plate.

New features

Each version of the block space makes it even more interesting and diverse. So in Minecraft PE, a new type of dye becomes available to the heroes. It has a pink tint and it can be used to paint various objects and blocks in this delicate color.

To get this dye, go to the Cherry Grove biome and collect the petals from the surface.


Absolutely every hero can get acquainted with this mob in Minecraft PE To do this, it is enough to go to a warm biome and listen to the characteristic sounds. It is worth noting that the movements of the Sniffer are almost silent, but the sound of sniffing can still be heard.

Also, this mob has a rather bright red-green color, and the appearance is not similar to any of the existing inhabitants of the block space. By the way, it reproduces by hatching from an egg that has the same color as itself.

Suspicious blocks

These relatively new blocks in Minecraft have a very fragile structure. At the moment, these can be sand or gravel. Suspicious blocks can store fragments of ancient objects, as well as Sniffer eggs, Templates, and much more.

Explore the territory of the cubic world to find the most interesting and unusual objects.

  • What abilities does the Sniffer have in MCPE
    He finds seeds.
  • What can be found in Suspicious Blocks in Minecraft PE
    Various objects and ancient fragments.
  • How to get pink dye?
    You will need to collect rose petals in a Cherry grove.

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