Dan’s Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE

Dan’s Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 0.12.2 - 1.20.51
8 January 2024
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Download Dan’s Furniture mod for Minecraft PE: new rigging to make your apartments excellent and ever luxurious.

Dans Furniture MCPE Mod Highlights

The original version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition features a whole variety of decorative blocks, but none of these is related to furniture.

Users have to beautify their flats, warehouses, garages, and kitchens with slabs, stairs, and pressure plates most of the time.

The most imaginative Minecraft players come to use trapdoors, buttons, and other small blocks to embellish their real estate.

However, the majority have no idea how to use these items to compose something that marvelous. Therefore they download furniture modifications introducing rigging of the most exceptional quality.

And Dans Furniture happens to be the very addon with the right amount of apparatus to allow builders to excel in their MCPE constructing skills.

The best furniture

The Dan’s Furniture addon features various blocks, so you could better your house and make it more attractive to anyone going past.

First of all, you can expect the most ordinary things in Minecraft PE to appear: tables and chairs. However, there’s a difference worth noting.

It seems there are a few types of rigging, so players had more chances to express themselves. Wooden and stone, iron and golden — players can craft all of these types in Survival.

Therefore there’s no need for Creative, but all furniture is available in this mode as well. The authors assured your gaming experience to be perfect.

More rigging

Minecraft also has fridges and trash bins henceforth. One stores items in these. Besides, there is a campfire for the old versions when this block was unavailable.

Moreover, there’s a computer: it doesn’t work but may serve as an impressive decoration to show off.

Yet, a coffee table made of glass is perhaps the most luxurious thing you can place in your room.

  • How do I get a coffee table in Dan's Furniture MCPE Mod?
    It is made of wood and glass.
  • Are there many rigging options?
    Yes, there are a lot of thing you can decorate with.
  • Can I use these blocks on servers?
    No, public servers do not accept extra block mods.

Download Dan's Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE

Dan’s Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE
8 January 2024 3.6
Dan’s Furni...

Download Dan’s Furniture mod for Minecraf...

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