Door Mod for Minecraft PE

Door Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 0.14.0 - 1.20.51
6 January 2024
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Download the Door Mod for Minecraft PE: numerous new blocks alongside contraptions and extra opportunities.

Door MCPE Mod Highlights

The original version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition has lots of unique and useful blocks, and doors are among them.

However, they lack individuality and practicality when it comes to doors’ use. Generally, you do not even need a door because you can place down two blocks and lock the way through.

Nevertheless, players are free to put doors that can be opened and closed in no time rather than breaking and arranging blocks over and over again.

On the other hand, Minecraft modders have successfully created numerous addons introducing a wide variety of doors, gates, and entries.

Therefore you might forever change the way you are playing this sandbox survival since doorways have become utterly different.


This MCPE modification is not a remarkable one but still features unique doorways making your buildings more bizarre and intriguing.

Although they don’t do much, you and anyone going past your gorgeous house will admire outstanding doors in front of them.

Besides, there is an excellent choice to be made: sixteen uniquely designed gates have been introduced to Minecraft PE.

For example, golden, iron, diamond, glass, iron bars, and other types of doors can be created manually by players to be put in one of the corridors.

Secret Doors

On the contrary, this Minecraft PE addon has camouflaged hallways to make your buildings or contraptions disappear.

It seems these doors are visible if placed in the right spot. For example, there is a grass gate that merges with the surrounding area.

Moreover, you can repeat this trick with stone, cobblestone, iron blocks, bookshelves, and even bricks.

Generally, Minecraft has more exciting doors than ever.

  • How do I get new blocks in Door MCPE Mod?
    They can all be crated.
  • How do I find new doors?
    Villager do not use new doors, and thence you can't find any.
  • Are there brand-new materials?
    No, these new doors are made of the original resources.

Download Door Mod for Minecraft PE

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