ARK Mod for Minecraft PE

ARK Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.6.0 - 1.20.51
4 January 2024
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Download the ARK mod for Minecraft PE: massive dinosaurs are trying to devour all users while you are trying to survive in a new world.

ARK MCPE Mod Highlights

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most popular multiplayer games out there that tells a story about a world full of perilous dinosaurs and other gigantic reptiles.

Many Minecraft PE users love this open-world sandbox game and would like to see something similar in the Overworld.

Thence the Web has been flooded with immersive maps, exciting modifications, and even texture packs. A lot of these addons introduce new threats and dangers users will have to deal with.


For instance, the most cautious and adventurous Minecraft users will encounter ginormous dinos. Some of them will be angry and hostile, while others can be tamed and used for your own good.

As a matter of fact, Hesperornis appears on the beaches where it lays eggs and dwells peacefully. This dinosaur species won’t attack you.

Hesperornis drop meat and a lot of experience, so one may use it as a food source. On the other hand, MCPE has Dodo birds too.

Players are free to tame and then dye them any color you want them to be. They inhabit shores as well. The authors presented Trilobites that live underwater and drop oil.

However, there are ancient insects, besides dinos. Desert scorpions are venomous and damage a lot, so it would be better for you to avoid them in deserts.

Ovis Sheep are present in Minecraft PE and can be sheared to get a plurality of wool blocks and horns. Generally, there are a lot of mobs in this modification.

Items & Weapons

However, ARK Mod does not lack new items either. Yet, the first thing you’ll have to craft is a metal plate. It is composed of six iron and three coal blocks.

On the other hand, there is Red Color, Lapis Block of Hyperreality, and even an upgraded stone, which you’ll spend some time breaking on.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has Snail Slime used to heal dying users and a Mammoth saddle to mount a prehistoric elephant.

  • Where do I find new mobs in ARK MCPE Mod?
    They spawn around the Overworld.
  • How do I shear the new sheep?
    Be careful since it attacks you and use shears.
  • Where can I get brand-new items?
    They all have crafting recipes.

Download ARK Mod for Minecraft PE

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