Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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11 October 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free Trails & Tales Update: Spend time in Cherry Grove or go in frisk of secret positions.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

You can plunge into an amazing and diverse world, where amazing findings and interesting meetings await the heroes at every step, just now in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The creators are mindful of all user reviews and promptly correct the errors that have arisen. Several crashes have been fixed in this version. Now the gameplay has become much easier and more stable.


Moving through the territory of MCPE attentive heroes will always find something interesting and unusual for themselves. The location, which is called the Ruins of the Trail, is an underground structure.

Only a small part of it is on the surface, and the main part is hidden directly underground. This place is perfect for conducting archaeological excavations. Here you can find artifacts such as:

  1. Templates for creating decorations on the equipment of the players;
  2. Clay fragments, from which you can create a vase in Minecraft PE;
  3. Sniffer eggs.


Developers always try to add something new and interesting to the gameplay. And in Minecraft Pocket Edition, they managed to surprise even the most experienced players.

The fact is that they have significantly expanded the range of maps offered by one of the residents. His profession in Minecraft is called cartographer. With it, you can get access to the most secret locations of the cubic world.


The world of Minecraft version is filled with all kinds of dangers that await the heroes at every turn. That is why they always need to be ready to face dangerous monsters.

You can protect your player with the help of reliable armor. Which is sold by Armorer. With the help of special Templates in Minecraft PE, it is possible to put beautiful patterns on it. And make it aesthetically more attractive.

  • What are templates used for?
    To decorate the armor.
  • How many template options are there in Minecraft PE
  • Where can players in MCPE find Templates?
    In structures.

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