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Minecraft PE

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27 March 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: now the search for Trial Chamber will not take players much time, because they can use the map to find the way to the location.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

With each update that the developers of Mojang Studios create for the players of the cubic world, more and more interesting and exciting adventures appear in the game.

This time in Minecraft PE, the heroes have a chance to show all their skills, including in the search for valuable resources or in battles with monsters. To get the most useful information in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, heroes should be aware of the unique features of the game.

Also, changes have been made in this version aimed at eliminating the failure when activating resource packs.


As everyone knows, the Trial Chamber location is a very interesting and dangerous place. There you can fight with different opponents and find real treasures. However it is not so easy to find the structure itself, and in Minecraft, the developers decided to help the players with this.

Now they will have a special map, which can be purchased from a Cartographer. Keep in mind that in MCPE it needs to be upgraded to Journeyman. Use all the possibilities to make the gameplay as productive as possible.


Previously, players have already appreciated the capabilities of these mobs and the fact that they can be tamed and even put protective armor on them. In Minecraft PE, these animals can be found in various biomes of the cubic world. You can also use the /summon command to summon them.

There have also been some changes related to them in this version:

  1. When placed in a frame, the wolf armor is displayed correctly in Minecraft version;
  2. The Rusty wolf now appears in all jungle biomes;
  3. spotted can be found in the savannah;
  4. The striped one will dwell in the mass.
  • How can a player get a map in Minecraft PE
    Purchase from a cartographer.
  • How to protect a tamed wolf in MCPE
    Craft his armor.
  • What does it take to create a Wolf Armor?
    Armadillo flaps.

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