Minecraft PE 1.20.73

Minecraft PE 1.20.73

Download Minecraft version 1.20.73 apk free
1 April 2024
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Download Minecraft 1.20.73 for Android Free: spend time in the cubic world as interesting and diverse as possible, tame the wolf, and provide him with protection.

Minecraft 1.20.73 Release: Unblocked Version

The developers of Mojang Studios do not stop working on improving the gameplay for a minute. They make the block space even more exciting, diverse, and distinctive. Thanks to their efforts, Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.73 managed to eliminate failures that occur not only during the game but also when it is loaded.

Thus, in Minecraft PE 1.20.73, each player has the opportunity to start a unique adventure story that will be filled with dangers and unusual discoveries.


There is a wide variety of creatures in Minecraft 1.20.73. But at the same time, there is a replenishment in the block space again. There are more and more exceptional mobs, some of which will be dangerous, while others, on the contrary, are useful for the player.

But knowing their features, players will always be warned and use interaction with them to the maximum:

  1. The armadillo is a harmless animal that lives in the savannah and is useful because you can craft armor for a wolf from its shields;
  2. Bogged – a new type of skeleton in MCPE 1.20.73, which is weaker than usual, but uses poisonous arrows for its attacks;
  3. Breeze – a dangerous enemy that attacks with strong wind charges, appears from Trial Spawner in underground locations.


These mobs are not new to the players. Many have already learned their capabilities and even tamed them, making wild animals their pets. And yet, in Minecraft version 1.20.73, there are some changes regarding wolves.

Now there will be more types of these animals in the game. They will differ in Minecraft PE 1.20.73 by their color and habitat.

  • Where do wolves live in Minecraft PE 1.20.73?
    In almost all biomes.
  • What is the difference between wolves in different biomes?
    Color and behavior.
  • What are the features of Bogged in MCPE 1.20.73?
    He shoots poisonous arrows.

Minecraft 1.20.73 Download

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