FNAF 2 Map for Minecraft PE

FNAF 2 Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.12.0 - 1.20.51
18 January 2024
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Download FNAF 2 map for Minecraft PE: Play in the renovated pizzeria, try to live to see the day!

FNAF 2 Map for MCPE

This time the player has to survive in the new Minecraft Pocket Edition establishment. All that remains is a general concept – bloodthirsty animatronics ready to tear the character to shreds. At nightfall, all the characters are activated and attempt to attack the guard.

A special mask and flashlight can help the user to survive. Use the objects, and then you are safe. Call all your friends and play on that exciting map together!


In this part of the franchise, the player again acts as Mike’s nightguard with a new name and surname. The game takes place in the fictional Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

At night in MCPE, the characters walk freely through a pizzeria in an attempt to catch a guard.  Steve has to listen to the phone guy’s calls with the shift coming in. This character will give good advice on survival and warn against all locations’ dangers.


As the action occurs in the new facility, the animatronics have been replaced with improved versions. The characters are called “dolls,” as the texture is very similar to children’s drawings, and the appearance has become more innocuous.

Notably, the appearance does not change the general behavior of animatronics. In Minecraft PE, they will still try to kill the user.

In addition, old versions of heroes are added. In this part, they are called “broken.”


A special Freddie mask will help Steve to survive. If you equip an object in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you will become resistant to attacks by puppet Bonnie.

Using a flashlight will prevent a broken Foxy from squeaking. Listen to the steps, and you can calculate the robot’s approach.

If the player does not have time to navigate, the game will be over, and you will be thrown into the main screen.

  • Can I play with friends on the map in MCPE?
    Yes, you can.
  • Is the animatronics in the addon in Minecraft PE?
    Yes, it is.
  • Are there structures?
    Yes, this version contains various constructions.

Download FNAF-2 Map for Minecraft PE

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