Minecraft PE 1.20.80

Minecraft PE 1.20.80

Download Minecraft version 1.20.80 apk free
23 April 2024
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Download Minecraft 1.20.80 Armored Paws Update for Android Free: spend time in the company of Armadillo, who will easily share his strong shields with the players.

Minecraft 1.20.80 Release: Armored Paws Update

Players can test their abilities in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.80 using various activities. For example, you can feel like an archaeologist or a seeker of ancient treasures, but in this version, there is another equally fascinating place to realize.

It is called Trial Chamber and in it, in Minecraft PE 1.20.80 Release you can get rich, as well as face to-face with a very dangerous opponent. Also, do not forget that you can go on a dangerous journey in the company of a faithful companion – a tamed wolf.

Players will learn more information about the interaction with Armadillo, which has now become even more interesting and useful.

Dangers are everywhere

In the cubic world, the quieter time of day has always been the day, during daylight hours you can engage in gathering, resource extraction, or travel. But in Minecraft 1.20.80 there are locations where monsters can wait for heroes at any time of the day.

In the Trial Chamber, travelers may encounter a block called the Trial Spawner. It is a modified version of the standard spawner and has several innovations:

  1. there will be more monsters from it if the player is not alone nearby;
  2. In case of victory, the hero in MCPE 1.20.80 will receive a valuable reward, and the block will restart;
  3. After a while, he will be ready to work again and will start spawning monsters.

Wind Charge

To become the owner of this ranged weapon, players in Minecraft PE 1.20.80 will need to defeat Breeze. The main advantages of attacks when using it will be that with its help the player will be able to open or close doors, hatches, press buttons, and more. And, of course, effectively fight enemies in Minecraft version 1.20.80.

  • How to get Windows Charge in Minecraft PE 1.20.80?
    Beat the Breeze.
  • Where can players find Trial Spawner in MCPE 1.20.80?
    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What is the difference between Trial Spawner and a regular Spawner?
    It gives out a reward after a complete victory over monsters.

Minecraft 1.20.80 Download

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