GTA Mod for Minecraft PE

GTA Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.2.8 - 1.20.51
25 January 2024
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Download GTA Mod for Minecraft PE: Feel like a real gangster and fight back against the bandits using MP5!

GTA Mod for MCPE

Modification «GTA Street Wars» brings to the world Minecraft Pocket Edition some of the gangs in GTA San Andreas.

All gangs will be hostile to each other and engage in battles for territory in encounters. If you have ever played in GTA, you will undoubtedly enjoy this mod.


Some of the weapons in the Minecraft PE were replaced by two close-combat weapons and one assault rifle. These can be found in at least one of the GTA games.

The MP5 replaced the standard onion from the cubic world, the knife replacing the primary weapon, the sword, and the chainsaw came into play instead of the ax.


Villagers will be replaced by Grove Street (green). By default, they are neutral in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. That means they’ll only attack if another gang attacks them.

It would be nice if you could somehow hire members of Grove Street to become part of your gang, but until such a function is provided, there may be something in the future.

The Ballas gang replaced the husk. However, the skin is incorrect! They are very similar to the Jizzy B, which is not part of the gang in original GTA. He has another job. Hopefully, the developers can fix that in future updates.

The Ballas gang attacks every other band.

Character replacements

Pigman was replaced by policemen who are neutral mobs who will only attack if they are attacked first. In some ways, they are dirty (also known as corrupt), as they will look away if they see something illegal, descend and attack only if they are in danger in MCPE.

The skeletons were replaced by the Vagos gang from GTA, one of the most dangerous groups, as they are equipped with MP5 and shoot anyone they see.

Fortunately, there are police officers there who will try to kill them at Minecraft Pocket Editon, at least if they attack.

  • Is the Groove Street gang in MCPE?
    Yes, it is.
  • Do officers defend me from gangs?
    Yes, they do.
  • Where can I get all these items?
    You may craft or find them.

Download GTA Mod for Minecraft PE

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