Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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27 September 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free Trails & Tales Update: Use maps to find secret locations on the territory of the block space.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

Each time, complementing the game space with new features and bringing unique ideas to life, the developers of Mojang Studios make the cubic world even more interesting. Thanks to their efforts, players can realize themselves in a variety of activities, as well as meet new creatures.

But with such an abundance of innovations, errors are not excluded, which are also promptly corrected. Some experimental features have already become available without enabling this mode, and in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the problem has been fixed due to which a crash occurred when several villagers were next to each other.


Every new mob that appears on the expanses of the block space attracts the increased attention of all users. This was the case with Allay, who can be an excellent assistant to the player and with a Camel. This proud animal has incredible endurance.

In Minecraft PE, another useful creature appears and his name is Sniffer. Having become the discovery of the MCPE version, this prehistoric animal can easily find the seeds of rare plants that are hidden in the ground.


Throughout the history of the cubic world, its main feature has been and remains biomes. It is they who make up its territory and turn the gameplay into an exciting journey.

A must-visit place in Minecraft version is the cherry blossom biome, which impresses not only with the beauty of its unique nature but also with a variety of opportunities for resource extraction. Here you can get:

  1. pink wood;
  2. sakura petals;
  3. create a new type of dye in Minecraft

Unlocking recipes

Although the feature is experimental in this version of Minecraft PE, players can already evaluate its capabilities and usability.

Just enter the first letters of the name in the search bar and all the recipes will appear in the list that appears. Including those that have not yet been unlocked by the player in Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • What does the Sniffer eat in Minecraft PE
  • Which plants are used to tame the Sniffer in MCPE
  • What are templates used for?
    To decorate the armor.
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