Kitchen Mod for Minecraft PE

Kitchen Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 0.14.0 - 1.20.51
5 January 2024
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Download the Kitchen mod for Minecraft PE: furnish your cooking place the way you want and make it look glittering.

Kitchen MCPE Mod Highlights

The kitchen is perhaps one of the essential rooms people have in their houses. It’s the place where delicious food is cooked, spicy drinks are boiled, and exciting conversations take place.

Kitchenettes have a significant role in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Despite the fact you can eat raw carrots, potatoes, and apples, it will be more nutritious for you to cook something up.

Combining gold and carrots or making rabbit stew is more convenient and smarter if your kitchen features modern ovens and fridges.

Luckily for all chefs, the Minecraft community has created numerous modifications making it possible to establish the cuisine you’d like to have.


Furnicraft is the most immense modification adding hundreds of rigging. Therefore Minecraft PE users can now beautify their entire houses with marvelous decorating elements.

For instance, there are a few unique blocks to upgrade your kitchen: faster-smelting stoves, modern boilers, improved kettles, and even a kitchen hood.

Besides, Minecraft has round and square tables, comfortable and inconvenient chairs, as well as several luxurious carpets and curtains.

Plus, you can set up a plurality of bizarre entertaining gears like tennis tables, vending machines, billiard, and pool tables.

Thanks to the wide choice you have now, your apartments shall and must look astonishing in MCPE.

Mine Furniture

On the other hand, Minecraft received a whole assortment of different furniture, meaning you can beautify not only your kitchen but halls, palaces, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. All thanks to Mine Furniture addon.

Furthermore, you can set up vacation beaches, furnished dining and living rooms. There are even pizza boxes to place on tables.

Generally, there is a lot to build with now.

  • How do I craft new furniture in Kitchen MCPE Mod?
    Use wood, wool, and other materials.
  • How do I make an oven?
    Use iron and cobblestone.
  • Is there brand-new items?
    Yes, there is a lot of new items.

Download Kitchen Mod for Minecraft PE

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