Coordinates Mod for Minecraft PE

Coordinates Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 0.14.0 - 1.20.51
8 January 2024
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Download the Coordinates mod for Minecraft PE: one shall be able to locate itself quickly using no maps or extra help.

Coordinates MCPE Mod Highlights

The original version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition has a few tools to navigate in dense forest, lush jungles, and scorching deserts of the Overworld.

Maps are the best option to find out quickly where you are. However, they have numerous flaws as well. The most annoying one is their limits.

You cannot use just one map to travel miles and miles forward: one will eventually have to assemble and draw another to proceed with the navigation.

There is also a compass in Minecraft. Nonetheless, it only directs you to your spawn point, which is a bed most of the time.

Therefore we have only coordinates that are usually unavailable to Android users. The Java edition of this game has quick access to coordinates: you only have to press F3.

However, Minecraft PE users must turn on coordinates in the world settings and face some downgrades. It seems you won’t receive any achievements because of it.

Furthermore, old Minecraft versions did have coordinates at all: not even in the Settings. Thus users had countless issues with coordination.

Subsequently, modifications are the best option to see your location represented in three numbers XYZ. Gladly, addons are introducing such functionality.

Coordinates Unlocker

This MCPE addon’s most exciting thing is that you don’t have to do anything to see the coordinates. Install the modification, and they would appear in the right bottom corner.

Thenceforth you will keep in touch with your general location, which was hitherto impossible to access.

There is no longer a need to worry about your house location.

Memorize the three magic numbers, and you won’t lose it, thanks to this Minecraft mod. Generally, one’s playthrough has got more effortless.

  • How do I get the coordinates on in Coordinates MCPE Mod?
    They appear automatically in the right bottom corner.
  • Can I use it on servers?
    Yes, you can use them on public servers.
  • Is this cheating?
    No, it is not cheating.

Download Coordinates Mod for Minecraft PE

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