London Map for Minecraft PE

London Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.0.0 - 1.20.51
15 January 2024
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Download London Map for Minecraft PE: Walk the famous streets of London, visit Buckingham Palace, and have fun with your friends!

London Map for MCPE

No player in Minecraft Pocket Edition does not know England’s famous city – London.

Now, each of you can walk the streets of legend right through your favorite cubic game. Call your friends and play together on it!


Welcome to London, the capital of Great Britain and England. If you do not have a chance to get to Misty Albion, we suggest you take a city tour on a map of London.

Besides unique architecture and the incredible beauty of interiors, players will see and visit many attractions, walk on the River Thames and legendary bridges. Naturally, it is unreal to create London and forget the Palace of Buckingham, where Queen Elizabeth II lives and rules.

A unique opportunity to visit such a fantastic city is available exclusively in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.


A London map will allow you to visit the British capital directly in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It’s comprehensive, and you’ll find many recognizable sights here.

Walk the streets of London and visit famous places. You can change anything you want. The map is so well thought out that you’ll even meet famous red double-decker buses on the roads.

The Pool Of London

Here is a map of Tate Worlds: The Pool of London for Minecraft. It’s a whole vast world where a part of the English city of London is recreated. You can play in the famous capital of England. Look at the entire map, and you’ll feel like you’ve been to London! The map is very calm and qualitative. The author has worked very hard for the map for MCPE.

It’s a part of the city of London along with the River Thames. There are built exact copies of the famous bridge, Big Ben, historical buildings, sculptures, and monuments. As well as architectural monuments.

Go through the map, look at the headstones and monuments, explore the city entirely. Also, install the card on the server and let your players have a chance to visit London!

  • Is Crazy Craft Custom Terrain Structures MCPE Map large?
    Yes, it is enormous.
  • Where do I find the Mountains?
    You can increase your render distance and see them for yourself.
  • Are there structures?
    Yes, this version contains various constructions.

Download London Map for Minecraft PE

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