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Minecraft PE

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15 February 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: explore the possibilities of interacting with a new and very unusual mob and try yourself in a new profession.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Sniffer and Archaeology

Players are waiting for updates like Minecraft PE with the greatest impatience because the game world gets a lot of different innovations in them. All this is good news because the new version has just become available for download.

This time, the players will meet with a prehistoric creature that has somehow miraculously survived to this day. Perhaps the gentle disposition and absolute kindness helped Sniffer in this.

Also, the heroes can try themselves in a new and very interesting occupation, but for this, they will have to go to the desert. By the way, in such a journey, the camel that appeared earlier in the cubic world will come in handy.


The long-awaited winner of the last Minecraft Live vote was in no particular hurry to appear in the vastness of the cubic world. Perhaps this is due to his incredibly calm and harmless character, which will be a real discovery for all players in Minecraft

Behavior mechanics

Sniffer spends all his free time in the process searching for plant seeds, and it is the rarest and most unique. If the player is patient, he will be able to get some of them and use them for landing.


All users who have installed Minecraft PE can feel like not only a traveler but also real archaeologists. The fact is that the developers have introduced a new type of activity into the game.

First, you will need to go to the desert and find a temple there. It is not far from these structures that excavations will be carried out.

Suspicious sand

Players will have to dig the sand to find a new kind of it – Suspicious Sand. These blocks in Minecraft will be enough to clean with a brush very carefully to get a clay fragment.

  • What new mob will appear in Minecraft PE
  • What new activity has become available in MCPE
  • Where can players find excavation sites?
    Near deserted temples.

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