Minecraft PE 1.19.62

Minecraft PE 1.19.62

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17 February 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.62 with a working Xbox Live: become real builders or brave travelers and appreciate all the characteristics of the new version.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.62 Release

All innovations in the game are designed not just to diversify the gameplay but also to make it more stable and productive. And it’s worth noting that the developers of Mojang Studios are doing an excellent job with this task.

Among the novelties of Minecraft PE 1.19.62, one can note the appearance of fences and gates made of bamboo. By the way, various experimental functions have become available to players, which can be enabled using the corresponding button in the world settings menu.

Everyday items

The player lives a lifetime during the game and is constantly surrounded by various objects. Some of them have only a decorative meaning, while others can be used for their intended purpose.

The first ones include Hanging Signs, which look like signs already familiar to all users. The only difference is that now they are not installed on the surface. But are suspended from a building or fence.

In Minecraft PE 1.19.62, the developers have changed the location of these items in the Inventory so that they are displayed correctly.


But not only the construction and arrangement of housing can become the main occupation of the player. To get the necessary resources, he will have to travel around the territory often.

Of course, you can do it on foot, but it is much more convenient to travel on a camel. Moreover, in Minecraft 1.19.62, this animal was again given the ability to overcome obstacles one and a half blocks high.

Other changes

It will be useful for users to know about other changes that have occurred in Minecraft PE 1.19.62. For example, now the player will not be able to take off if there is no opportunity to fully stand up around. And also be careful, because you can fall off the edge even in sneak mode.

  • Why can I use Hanging Signs in Minecraft PE 1.19.62?
    To decorate a home and create a sign.
  • At what height can camels jump in MCPE 1.19.62?
    At a height of one and a half blocks.
  • What types of wood can Hanging Signs be made from?
    From any existing ones in the game.
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