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Minecraft PE

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9 November 2022
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: explore the surrounding space on a camel and evaluate all the possibilities of a Chiseled Bookshelf.

What is new in Minecraft

For adventurers in Minecraft PE, there is absolutely everything you need. This was made possible by the appearance of new creatures that allow you to quickly and safely move around the territory.

By the way, the developers eliminated several errors that affected the gameplay as a whole. For example, for hanging plates, the problem with displaying the Place hint when using the controller has been fixed.


Two new functional items have become available to players in Minecraft at once. The first one is called Chiseled Bookshelf and allows players to store books and other devices for letters directly in them.

By the way, by combining these objects with red dust, you can get an automatic pass. The more books are installed, the stronger the signal will be.

And to decorate the house from the outside or make important messages, players are invited to use Hanging Signs. In this version, a bug has been fixed and now mobs will be able to correctly find a path on top of these blocks.


In Minecraft PE, the possibilities of using bamboo have been expanded. Now it is a full-fledged material for construction and decoration.

It is textures create an individual style for any building. In addition to buildings, you can also build a raft from it, and by equipping it with a chest, you can go on a journey with everything you need.


Traveling through the territory will now become even more interesting, thanks to the appearance of a new mob. Camels received in Minecraft the ability to overcome long distances, as well as jump over various obstacles.

At the same time, it will not be possible to move in deep reservoirs on these animals. It is worth noting that they also can sit down and transport two players at once.

  • What kind of creature can jump over obstacles in MCPE
    It is a camel.
  • What are Hanging Signs used for in Minecraft PE
    To place information.
  • How many books can be placed on Chiseled Bookshelf?
    Up to 6 books.
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