Minecraft PE 0.13.1

Minecraft PE 0.13.1

Download Minecraft PE 0.13.1
29 August 2022
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Download Minecraft PE 0.13.1 Free for Android: try to catch a rabbit or find treasures in the desert.

What is new in Minecraft 0.13.1?

The developers of Mojang Studios are trying to change the cubic world with each update, making it more interesting and adventures more exciting.

In Minecraft PE 0.13.1, new blocks are available to users. Among them, the appearance of doors can be distinguished. The player can create them from any kind of wood and even metal.

By the way, the possibilities for building different mechanisms are expanding. For them to function, a Redstone will be required. For example, with its help, the hero can use the daylight sensor and even change its modes.


One of the most important blocks that appeared in Minecraft 0.13.1 can be considered Redstone. The fact is that it performs a very important function in the game, namely, it activates all the mechanisms.

To activate any block in the game, the hero will need to bring a red stone to it, as well as put a lever, a button, and a pressure plate.

As a result of this interaction, a signal will appear that will open the door or turn on the light.

Temple in the desert

In the desert biome, the hero can find an unusual building, this is a Temple. Inside you can find four treasure chests. It can be diamonds, cobwebs, bones, or charms.

In Minecraft PE 0.13.1, there are no enemies in this place, but still, the developers have protected these riches.

To get to them, the hero needs to break the pattern in the center, but he should be very careful. After all, it is in this place that there is a pressure plate that activates dynamites.

Mobs and blocks

Minecraft 0.13.1 continued to expand the set of animals in the game. A rabbit has become a new creature, he is harmless and just runs everywhere and is afraid of everything around.

At the same time, it is quite fast, but by killing it hero can get rabbit meat, which after cooking has a nutritional function. Rabbit’s foot can be used in potions.

By the way, a musical block appeared in the cubic world. It emits melodious sounds and is powered by Redstone.

  • Where can the hero find the Temple?
    In the desert.
  • What happens if a thief opens a trap chest?
    The chest will give a signal.
  • How often are temples found in the desert?
    They are not rare, but the hero will have to look for them.
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