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31 July 2023
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Download Minecraft PE full version: encounter new mobs like Strider, try to find unique magnetite or discover new biomes!

Minecraft PE – What’s new?

With this update MCPE, the player can explore an entirely new underworld dimension.

You will meet great biomes, unique ores, and some exclusive mobs that will inhabit the vast expanses of hell.

Basalt delta

One of the new biomes in Minecraft PE, which is generated in the underworld dimension. The basalt delta is now the hottest place in this cubic world. The location has a rather exciting atmosphere.

This effect is mainly caused by particles of ashes falling on the player. The basalt delta is the only biome in the game in which the remains of the bastion cannot be generated.


In MCPE user has the opportunity to tame a mob like Strider. To be domesticated, it is necessary to use distorted mushrooms.

Strider himself is a neutral being with a blushes head that can walk on lava. Strider is very afraid of water and gets hurt by it.


Magnetite in Minecraft PE can change the compass. After that, the device starts pointing to a magnetite block rather than the player’s point of revival.

In this way it is possible to save different points on a map without remembering coordinates. If the magnetite is broken, the compass attached to it will start to rotate nonstop in different directions.

Distorted forest

The distorted forest is the best solution for the peaceful survival of MCPE in the Lower World. It is inhabited only by travelers. They won’t attack the user if he doesn’t look them in the eye.

If you drink a night vision potion, the fog in the distorted forest becomes pink.

Respawn anchor

Minecraft PE features a respawn anchor and a target. The anchor can set the point of user revival right in the underworld dimension. First, you have to scratch the block itself.

After the craft, the rebirth anchor should be placed on the ground and charged with luminous stones. The maximum charge is four units, each released as it recovers.

  • Who are the Piglins?
    It’s a neutral mob of hell armed with a crossbow or a golden sword.
  • How do I tame a strider in Minecraft PE?
    You have to lure it with a distorted mushroom and then put on a saddle.
  • How to trade with piglins in MCPE?
    You need to give a pyglin of gold bullion, then he’ll give you a random object.
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