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Minecraft PE

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10 January 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: learn about new abilities of Armadillo and try to create armor for your pet from his shells.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

All researchers and brave travelers, without exception, will like the changes that have become available in Minecraft Pocket Edition The developers managed to correct the sounds made by Armadillo during twisting and even added vibrations to this process.

Minecraft PE also did not do without some improvements in the mechanics of Breeze behavior and other small adjustments to the gameplay. All this made the game even more interesting and exciting.


To see with their own eyes the winner of the last of the user votes in MCPE, players should go to Savannah. There are not many inhabitants in this place and Armadillo perfectly diversifies the desert landscapes.

Wolf Armor

Moreover, this creature has one interesting skill. While cleaning the shields that cover his back, he can shed some of them. Attentive heroes will certainly take advantage of this opportunity in Minecraft The fact is that these items can be used to make protective armor for a tamed wolf and not worry about its safety when traveling.


This inhabitant of Minecraft PE, which also appeared in the game not so long ago, poses a real danger to the heroes. You can meet him in a location called Trial Chamber. Also in this version, the particles that appear at the bottom of the mob have been fixed. It will be useful for players to know that it reflects all projectiles in the direction of shooting. This happens with a spread of 40 degrees.

In these dark corridors, players can also find:

  1. tuff blocks;
  2. copper blocks;
  3. Minecraft version also has a lot of interesting items made from these materials.
  • What is Crafter used for in Minecraft PE
    To create items.
  • What ingredients are needed to create it in MCPE
    Iron Ingots, Redstone Dust, Crafting Table, Dropper.
  • What is the explosion resistance of Crafter?
    It is equal to 3.5.

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