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13 December 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: rate the fixed bugs and crashes, as well as the appearance of Armadillo that can curl up if it senses danger.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

The developers have pleased users with another update and it allows you to bring some clarity to the use of some blocks and objects. Of course, there were also bug fixes that occurred in earlier versions of the game.

As part of the Experimental features in Minecraft Bedrock Edition The textures of the Copper Doors were updated, as well as the mining time of these objects was changed. Among other things, the particles and textures for Breeze have been fixed.

A Useful Crafter

Many users have already appreciated the capabilities of this block in Minecraft PE, and for those who have not yet done so, it will not be superfluous to evaluate all its extensive functionality:

  1. You can connect a Dropper and Hopper to it;
  2. Available in MCPE connecting to the Redstone signal;
  3. Using the Comparator;
  4. Switchable slots.

Copper objects

Among the possible objects that are available in Minecraft version, Copper Bulb and Graves are the first to stand out, of course. But Doors and Trapdoors will also be very useful for players.

The fact is that the mechanics of their use are similar to objects made of wood, which means that they are well-known to all users. By the way, in Minecraft they have updated textures, which means they will decorate any building or interior.


Finally, Minecraft PE users waited for the appearance of this wonderful mob in the game, for which the majority voted in the last vote. The Armadillo is a neutral mob that curls up into a ball in case of danger.

He likes to clean his armor and will drop his shields during this process. Players can use them to provide additional protection for their tamed wolf. The safety level will be comparable to diamond armor for a horse.

  • What is Crafter used for in Minecraft PE
    To create items.
  • What ingredients are needed to create it in MCPE
    Iron Ingots, Redstone Dust, Crafting Table, Dropper.
  • What is the explosion resistance of Crafter?
    It is equal to 3.5.

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