Minecraft PE 1.20.51

Minecraft PE 1.20.51

Download Minecraft version 1.20.51 apk free
14 December 2023
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Download Minecraft 1.20.51 for Android Free: create armor for your tamed wolf from a shield that is dropped by Armadillos.

Minecraft 1.20.51 Release: Unblocked Version

The journey of players in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.51 will be fascinating. They will have the opportunity to visit a new structure, where updated copper and tuff blocks are presented, as well as unique blocks and even another previously unseen opponent.

By the way, the long-awaited winner of the user vote finally appears in this version. To get to know him, you will need to go to Savannah.

Also in this version of Minecraft PE 1.20.51, a crash that could occur when playing Realms has been fixed. The developers are also pleased to announce that items will no longer be duplicated if the selected slots were switched at the time of their use. And the Playstation Plus now displays a request for requirements.

New mob

Armadillos are harmless creatures that live in hot biomes. Their favorite food in Minecraft version 1.20.51 is spider eyes. In case of a threat, it will certainly collapse, but only for 3 seconds. If there is no threat nearby after this time, it will turn around.

During this process, he will not react to food, and will not be able to sit down or walk. They can scare him, for example:

  1. Running players;
  2. Players who ride or transport in Minecraft PE 1.20.51;
  3. The undead.


Going to explore the Trial Chamber in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.51, players will find many different blocks of copper.
In this version, Exposed, as well as Oxidized and Weathered Copper Bulbs will be covered with wax. Use these objects to illuminate the space. Also in Minecraft 1.20.51, transparency has been fixed for waxed copper grates.

Check out all the new features right now and start an exciting adventure in the cubic world.

  • Where does the Armadillo live?
    In the savannah.
  • What does the Armadillo eat in MCPE 1.20.51?
    Through the eyes of spiders.
  • What does this mob do in case of danger in Minecraft PE 1.20.51?
    It collapses.

Minecraft 1.20.51 Download

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