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Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE 1.19
1 September 2022
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Download Minecraft Bedrock with a working Xbox Live: try to create new blocks using the Sculk Catalyst to do this, it will need to be activated.

What is new in Minecraft

Evaluate all the changes and use the new features offered by the developers in Minecraft PE First of all, it is worth noting that this version has more stable gameplay and a memorable interface.

Among the new features is the spectator mode, which allows players to be present on the playing field and watch the game of other users. It helps to learn something new and share experiences. It is worth noting that capes will no longer be displayed in this mode. Every player should try this feature at least once.


The developers call this extremely aggressive mob a real natural disaster. That is why the drop that the heroes receive from him is not particularly rare. This is done because the heroes should not seek a meeting with him, but even avoid it.

A block called the Sculk Shrieker can summon this monster. But if it is mined or formed from the Sculk Catalyst, it loses this unique ability. In Minecraft, all this can be found in the Deep Dark biome.

It is also worth noting that when going to explore these places, the heroes should remember that the creature that inhabits it has extremely sensitive hearing and can detect even those heroes who move very quietly.

Technical changes

In this version, the Create a new World button was added, which is used to customize sets. In Minecraft PE, players will no longer be able to get an old seedling in their inventory.

Also fixed a bug related to the fact that during a long stay on densely populated servers, player textures could turn pink. The background of the username tag has also been adjusted.

Thus, it helps every player to enjoy their favorite game and eliminate as many crashes and problems as possible.

  • Which mode allows players to watch the gameplay in MCPE
    Spectator Mode.
  • How does Warden find its victims in Minecraft
    By vibration and sound, as well as by smell.
  • Can Warden detect a player if he is sneaking around?
    Yes, he can.
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