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26 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: get acquainted with new interesting features, and also appreciate how the whole space around has changed.

What is new in Minecraft

To eliminate the problems that were identified earlier, the developers released Minecraft PE In it, they tried to eliminate a large number of failures, some of which were related to the work of the Marketplace.

And also in this version, paid emotions will not be able to be used without their pre-payment. The team continues large-scale work on the quality of graphics and performance in general. This allows you to make the gameplay even more exciting and productive.


Villagers have long appeared in the cubic world. It is worth noting that they perfectly help to diversify the gameplay, and the possibility of trading with them encourages the heroes to look for valuable resources.

They have different professions that allow them to offer a variety of goods and services to players. In Minecraft, a bug was fixed, due to which their appearance did not correspond to the type of activity.

It is worth noting that they can be found in almost every biome, including in the recently appeared Mangrove swamps.


The space surrounding the players is rapidly changing, new territories and even an ancient city appear. On its territory, users can find various valuable items that can be used for trading or crafting.

But other than that, players need to interact with living creatures. Therefore, in Minecraft, players can meet many different creatures. They can be useful as a food source, and become assistants in various actions.

But some are better to be wary of. The most dangerous of them is Warden. This monster lives in the darkest biome and knows no mercy. By the way, his attacks are so strong that they can defeat even a well-equipped hero.

  • How can the villagers be useful?
    Players can deal with them and get the necessary items.
  • What changes have happened to the villagers?
    Their appearance corresponds to the profession.
  • Who is the most dangerous mob?
    This is Warden.

Download Minecraft PE

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