Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE 1.19
19 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: explore new locations, fight monsters and be sure to make friends with Allay.

What is interesting in Minecraft

With each new update, the cubic world changes, some elements disappear irrevocably, and others reappear. Stable gameplay is the basis for a well-coordinated and convenient operation of the application.

This time in Minecraft PE, the developers fixed a bug due to which, after a long stay on servers with a large number of players, the textures of the players, as well as some interface elements, could turn red.

By the way, players will not receive damage if they enter the Portal, regardless of what level they are at that moment. Also, users will no longer be able to apply instant effects such as potions or arrowheads to dead mobs or players.

Mangrove resources

There are many amazing trees growing in the expanses of mangrove swamps. Players are attracted by their unusual appearance and the possibility of mining useful resources.

Thus, in Minecraft, logs, cleaned, and ordinary wood of these plants can be used in the process of creating a fire.


The flying assistant got a dance animation in Minecraft PE Now, this mob will hear music, it will immediately start dancing. To stop this process, just remove the jukebox away from Allay and it will stop.

Also, this creature is less likely to get stuck in incomplete blocks and will be able to lift armor with varying degrees of strength.


Players may get the impression that this monster is getting stronger and more dangerous with each update, and it really is. Not only does he need only two blows to destroy the enemy, but in Minecraft he also detects the player if he steals.

Moreover, it is on the Sculk Sensor that the probability of this will be the most. Also, the number of blocks that Warden can fall on has been increased to 20, instead of the previous 3.

  • What can mangrove logs be used for in Minecraft
    To make a bonfire.
  • What abilities did Allay get in MCPE
    He can dance and collect armor with varying degrees of strength.
  • Can Warden detect a player if he is sneaking around?
    Yes, he can.

Download Minecraft PE

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