Minecraft PE 1.19.2

Minecraft PE 1.19.2

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.2
12 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.2 with a working Xbox Live: explore new features that have become available in the cubic world.

What is new in Minecraft 1.19.2?

The developers of Mojang Studios create unique opportunities for players, which become possible in each new version. Fortunately, several technical errors have been fixed and now the gameplay will become more stable and interesting.

In Minecraft PE 1.19.2, large-scale work continues on the introduction of new features and functions. But when it was decided to remove the Vanilla and Wild Experiment switches. This happened due to the fact that at the moment they do not have content in experimental mode.


One of the important components of the cubic world is various creatures. The relatively recently appeared Warden already has a lot of fans among users, despite its creepy and terrifying appearance. He gets more and more new opportunities and becomes more dangerous.

Another creature, but already more friendly and even useful for players, is Allay. It was voted for by the largest number of players at the last Minecon. And, of course, the main attention of developers is aimed at him.

This time, the backup recharge time has been changed. In Minecraft 1.19.2, it is 5 minutes. Previously, he needed half as much time.

Also fixed a bug that caused the summoning egg of Trader Llamas to be empty.


Each biome in the cubic world is distinguished by unique and inimitable territories. Players are exploring the new features of each of them with great interest. In Minecraft PE 1.19.2, the developers tried to fix technical errors so that the gameplay was convenient and interesting.

Fixed errors related to incorrect display of touch control buttons that were overlapped by the quick access toolbar. Now players will be able to fully enjoy all the features of their favorite game.

  • How long does it take Allay to recharge in Minecraft PE 1.19.2?
    5 minutes.
  • Which switches were removed in MCPE 1.19.2?
    Vanilla and Wild Experiment.
  • Why were these switches removed?
    They do not have Experimental Content.
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.2

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