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27 September 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: defeat a creepy monster and explore a new biome.

What is new in Minecraft

With great pride, the developers of Mojang Studios present to all Minecraft PE users a new viewer mode. While this feature is under development but has already become available to players.

Fixed a bug in this function that caused mobs to run away from observers. Also, Tripwire traps will not be triggered in this mode.

By the way, many errors that prevented the correct operation of the application have been fixed. For example, in RTX worlds, the sun will be updated again.

Mangrove swamps

The relatively recently appeared biome has already received many fans among Minecraft PE users. This location is covered with swamps and mud. There is a lot of diverse vegetation and unique mangrove trees around.

It is the plants that are the main feature of this area. The developers have added the ability to create bonfires and smokehouses from all the trees that grow here.

Seedlings of a non-mangrove tree can be grown into a full-fledged plant if it is crushed beforehand in mud. Also, the heroes will be able to collect leaves from them using scissors.


This creepy mob, which has no eyes, finds a victim thanks to vibrations, all the players have been waiting for a long time. Of course, now the developers are trying to change or complicate the process of interacting with this monster in every update.

This time in Minecraft, the long-range attack capabilities have been changed. Although the number of units of damage from Warden is reduced, the creature will recover much faster.

In case of victory over this creation, the hero will receive a Sculk Catalyst. This will be helped by the fact that you can distract the monster with any projectiles, it is not necessary that these be arrows.

  • What should be done with seedlings of a non-double tree to grow a full-fledged tree?
    Grind in mud.
  • What will the hero get if he defeats Warden?
    Sculk Catalyst.
  • What new mode has appeared in Minecraft PE Beta?
    Spectator Mode.
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