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Minecraft PE

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29 November 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: be among the first to learn about all the innovations that have appeared in the cubic world and explore the new structure.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

Minecraft Bedrock Edition users were looking forward to this update with great impatience, and finally, it is available to everyone. All new items traditionally become available exclusively in the experimental game mode at first, so do not forget to turn it on to find out about everything first.

The most important stage in the development of the cubic world was the emergence of a new Trial Chambers structure. The fact is that this entails many other innovations, such as mobs, blocks, and items.

Another innovation in this version is related to copper. Now you can create a Chiselled version with the help of a stone cutter, as well as grates made of this material can be filled with water.

Trial Chambers

Traveling through Overworld in Minecraft PE, players will certainly meet a new structure called Trial Chambers. It consists of rooms connected by corridors and is located underground.

It is dark there and the space is illuminated with a Copper Bulb. In general, everything around these places is made of two materials:

  1. copper blocks;
  2. tuff blocks;
  3. new objects in MCPE that are made from these resources.

Trial Spawner

This block in Minecraft version cannot be blown up and it has enormous strength. Players can meet him in Trial Chambers and he is dangerous because he spawns monsters. By the way, their number depends on how many heroes are nearby.

Brave Minecraft PE players who can defeat opponents will be rewarded with valuable resources that appear after mobs.


One of the possible monsters in Minecraft that can appear from Trial Spawner is Breeze. When he sees the player, he will constantly jump around him and shoot wind charges that will throw the victim away for some distance.

At the same time, if you have to hit the door or the button, then it will open or press accordingly. But this does not work on hatches and doors made of iron. The authors have already discovered some bugs in Minecraft Pocket Edition, which will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

  • What new structure has appeared in Minecraft PE
    Trial Chamber.
  • What is dangerous for Trial Spawner players?
    He creates monsters.
  • How does Breeze un MCPE attack players?
    With wind charges.

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