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26 January 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: use various useful items to make your home comfortable and at the same time safe.

What is new in Minecraft

Thanks to constant monitoring and bug fixing, the developers of Mojang Studios manage to always maintain the increased interest of a large number of users. In Minecraft PE, bugs were fixed that greatly interfered with the correct operation of the entire game.

For example, now End Gateways do not throw players out of the map borders, and mobs do not disappear when passing through them. Also, items of clothing such as Raincoats will be displayed correctly on Classic skins.

Another important aspect was that the authors managed to fix the problems that arose during the close attack of mobs.

A new animal

Traveling in the cubic world is one of the most interesting and exciting activities for every user. The boundless space is fraught with a lot of interesting mysteries.

Moving on foot can be too tedious, so players are desperately looking for various ways to make moving more comfortable. In Minecraft, camels will come to their aid.

These animals have appeared in the game relatively recently, but users have already managed to evaluate all their useful functions. You can meet them in desert biomes and ride on the road.


Various items help players in the process of survival. To them in Minecraft PE, several more very useful objects have been added. Among them is the Chiseled Bookshelf, which holds more than 5 books and can be used as a secret passage.

Also, mobs’ heads can now play sounds, it is enough to put them on the Note Block. Such a design, with skillful use, can be useful in scaring away uninvited guests from the dwelling.

And players can decorate their house from the outside or make a sign using Hanging Signs, especially since they can be placed both on the building and on the fence.

  • For what purposes are Chiseled Bookshelf used in Minecraft PE
    To store books and create a secret passage.
  • How many books fit in Chiseled Bookshelf in MCPE
    Up to 6 books.
  • How can a player use Mod Sounds?
    To scare the enemies away from your home.
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Download Minecraft PE

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