Minecraft PE 1.19.60

Minecraft PE 1.19.60

7 February 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.60 with a working Xbox Live: be careful when riding a camel and evaluate the updated items.

Minecraft 1.19.60 Release

With each new version of the game, users are noticeably expanding the possibilities of interacting with various blocks and objects. For example, Minecraft PE 1.19.60 has a new button: Leave the boat. It arises from a situation when a player is in a boat and at the same time falls from a height.

By the way, it is no longer necessary to hold a squat for interaction in narrow and cramped spaces. Also, players will no longer encounter zombie piglins in the Nether at Y=-11 and above.

 New fixtures

When the hero has to build and equip his own home, it will not be superfluous to know about those items that can be extremely practical and useful. For example, in Minecraft 1.19.60, you can use Chiseled Bookshelf to store various books and writing items.

This will help save space in chests and add realism to the surrounding space. By the way, heroes can use such shelves to create a secret passage.


In the process of exploring the world, users face the question of exactly how to move around the territory. The best option for trips is horseback riding.

Camels are great for such purposes, the main thing is to place the saddle on them correctly. Then you can invite a friend with you or install a chest on the animal. The main thing that travelers should remember is that in Minecraft PE 1.19.60 when falling from a mob, they can get damaged.

Other changes

Also in Minecraft 1.19.60, developers have improved and optimized the use of buttons on the gamepad. Also in this version, a bug has been fixed that caused problems with removing armor in Creative Mode.

It will be useful for players to know that the plate can be installed on the block even if there is some kind of creature on it that blocks the view.

  • Which animal is great for riding in MCPE 1.19.60?
    It is a camel.
  • Which button appears when falling from a height in a Minecraft PE 1.19.60 boat?
    Leave the boat.
  • What are Chiseled Bookshelf used for?
    For storing books.
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