Minecraft PE 1.2.11

Minecraft PE 1.2.11

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.11
12 September 2023
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Download Minecraft 1.2.11 full version with working Xbox Live for Android, and search for new locations!

Minecraft 1.2.11 – What’s new?

A small addition that does not bring any global changes to the gameplay. When releasing Minecraft 1.2.11, Mojang Studios developers focused more on fixing numerous errors made in previous versions. The work done is evidenced by the total number of fixed bugs – 24.

From the changes, there is a PvP mode setting. Now it can be turned off, or turned on, in the world settings. In general, from the global innovations of Minecraft 1.2, we can single out a simple optimization of the game.

Coarse dirt

One of the variations of the standard land. Minecraft 1.2.11 can be created by connecting earth and gravel, which creates a unique block that can be effectively used in survival mode.

During natural generation, it appears in places such as Taiga, Savannah, and Badlands. It is noteworthy that rocky land, unlike ordinary land, will not turn into the turf.


Natural structure in Minecraft Bedrock 1.2.11. It is generated deep underground, in the same area where the mines are located. Thus, it is connected with them and the standard caves, hidden tunnels.

In addition, lava and water flow down the canyon walls, which is why obsidian platforms can be observed at the bottom of the structure. Be careful when traveling through the canyon in Minecraft 1.2.11. This is a rather dark area, and it isn’t easy to navigate there.


A block that is larger than all the standard blocks. Has several features in Minecraft PE 1.2.11. The first, and perhaps the main one, is displaying the necessary objects on the map. The banner serves as a mark that allows the player later to find the necessary structures, such as treasures.

The banners themselves can be modified in every way. To do this, use a stencil, and then, in addition to the usual color, patterns will also appear on them. The second function is simply to decorate the space.

  • How can I tame a parrot?
    With any seeds.
  • Is it possible to somehow craft records?
    No. They can only be found in various structures.
  • What is a building block for in Minecraft 1.2.11?
    It is mainly needed by map builders and developers. With its help, you can speed up construction at times.
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