Minecraft PE 1.19.41

Minecraft PE 1.19.41

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3 November 2022
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.41 with a working Xbox Live: be extremely careful when exploring Deep Dark, because the monster living there has become even more dangerous.

What is new in Minecraft 1.19.41?

Exploring cubic space is a fascinating process. In Minecraft PE 1.19.41, players have the opportunity not only to travel around the boundless world but also to meet new creatures.


In Minecraft 1.19.41, you can visit the underground biome, where many dangers are hidden, or get useful resources for construction on the territory of mangrove swamps.

Deep Dark

Only the bravest players will be able to muster the courage to visit this biome. Besides the fact that it looks quite mysterious and even creepy, a terrible monster lives in it.

Players should not look for a meeting with him, because it is extremely difficult to defeat Warden. Moving on to the territory of Deep Dark in Minecraft PE 1.19.41, the heroes can also see very unusual blocks that create vibrations.

Mangrove Swamp

There are no dangers in the new swamp biome for researchers who will find it. The fact is that even witches, who usually live in such an area, do not appear here.

The main feature of mangrove swamps is the presence of very unusual trees. In Minecraft 1.19.41, they can be used to make a bonfire or repair shields, as well as in construction.


To make the gameplay more interesting and more difficult, new creatures appear in the cubic world. Minecraft PE 1.19.41 was also no exception. Now players have the opportunity to make friends with a mob, which will be a great travel companion.

Another creature is considered invincible and the most dangerous among all creatures.


It is this monster that can destroy even the most well-equipped player after just two attacks.  In Minecraft 1.19.41, the radius of his defeat has become even larger, and now it will be much more difficult to cope with him.


This small and harmless mob can be a great helper for players in Minecraft PE 1.19.41. It is enough for him to give any object and he will look for similar ones around and bring them to his master.

  • In which biome does Warden live in Minecraft 1.19.41?
    In the Deep Dark biome.
  • What can mangrove wood be used for in MCPE 1.19.41?
    To create a fire or repair shields.
  • How can Allay be useful?
    He brings items to the player.
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