Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE 1.19
21 September 2022
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: players can evaluate the possibilities of the new mode and gain invaluable experience with it.

What is new in Minecraft

In this version of the cubic world, one of the mobs will become stronger and more dangerous. Also, players can watch the game from the side using the viewer mode. In Minecraft PE, a bug has been fixed due to which the water mist was removed for observers.

By the way, various technical bugs have been eliminated, so now users have even more opportunities to develop their abilities and skills. Some changes will make the process more appropriate to the Java version.

Mangrove swamps

Going to this location, players can not worry about meeting any aggressive mobs or other dangers. This location can be called as safe as possible to visit.

Even the witches familiar with swamp biomes do not live here. Nevertheless, there are many interesting and useful activities in this place. In addition, developers continue to make changes in Minecraft shells falling into mud blocks will stop constantly shaking, and players will drown in them.

Also, amphibious mobs will stop getting confused and losing direction in this area.


In Minecraft PE, the behavior mechanics for some creatures have been changed. Now mobs with a large radius of defeat will not be able to harm players through walls.

Also, Ravager has now become a more dangerous opponent for heroes. The fact is that in this version, the radius of defeat was increased for him, as well as the speed. All this will make it more consistent with the Java version.


Players have many different options for doing things in Minecraft Someone goes on a trip or gets useful resources, and agriculture can also be one of them.

Moreover, in this version, sweet berries can also be grown in beds.

  • How to use mud bricks in Minecraft
    They must be dried in any way.
  • What can mud blocks be used for in MPCE
    They can be used in construction.
  • What new game mode is available to players?
    Spectator Mode.
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