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Minecraft PE

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8 September 2022
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: explore new locations, use unique items and enjoy more stable gameplay.

What is new in Minecraft

The development team has pleased users with the new Minecraft PE, in which several critical bugs have been fixed.

Players can also explore a new biome, in which unique plants and new opportunities for creativity and construction are waiting for them. For example, the roots and wood of mangrove trees can be used as building material.

Deep Dark

This area is fraught with not only dangers but also many secrets that will be revealed only to the bravest heroes. Those who are not afraid to go to explore the darkest biome in Minecraft

There are unique blocks on its territory, which are called Sculk Shrieker. It is they who can track the presence of a player or mobs nearby and give a special signal.


Most of the time this creature is deep underground, but as soon as he hears a sound signaling the presence of a mob or a player nearby, he will certainly be in maximum proximity to the object.

In Minecraft PE, this creature has a new sound that it emits while taking damage.


In this version of Minecraft, the developers tried to pay special attention to three errors at once. Because of them, players did not have the opportunity to enjoy stable gameplay. Thus, the following issues have been fixed:

  • an alert appeared on the Xbox that the memory was full, although there was still free space;
  • when entering worlds with a texture pack installed, the game crashed;
  • also, the deletion of worlds did not always occur stably.

It is also worth noting that the effect of darkness has been refined. When a player falls under his influence, it is as if he is enveloped in black smoke. At the same time, the hero goes blind for a certain time and will not be able to fully defend himself.

  • What can mangrove wood be used for in MCPE
    They can be used as building material.
  • How does Warden find its victims in Minecraft
    By vibration and sound, as well as by smell.
  • Can Warden detect a player if he is sneaking around?
    Yes, he can.
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