Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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16 October 2023
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Download Minecraft with a working Xbox Live: explore the updated spaces and create your own stories, and be sure to make friends with Allay.

What is new in Minecraft PE

The developers of Mojang Studios pleased their users with a fairly large-scale update of their favorite game. This time in Minecraft, the changes have affected every aspect of the gameplay and it is very exciting and interesting.

Players continue to explore the spectator mode already liked by many. Now observers will not cause a raid while in the village, even if they have a “Bad omen” mark on them.


One of the most popular mobs at the moment quite deservedly won the last vote and the authors have again added interesting features to this creature. For example, in Minecraft PE, players will be accompanied even when traveling to the Lower World.

And what is important in conditions of limited lighting, the objects that Allay holds will glow in the dark. Also, this friendly creature will dance if there is a jukebox next to it.

But the most interesting thing will be the behavior of this mob if you give him a small piece of amethyst at the very moment when he dances. The fact is that in this case, it will first make a very unusual sound, after that it will show the heart and is duplicated.

Mangrove Swamps

One of the most popular places in the entire cubic world is the Mangrove Swamp biome. This area is getting more and more original features, and developers are paying more and more attention to it.

Therefore, in Minecraft, that area received improved generation and a higher density of plants growing on it. All this is done to be more consistent with the Java version. Also, residents will now live at this location.

And it will be useful for players to know that the roots of local trees are better broken with an ax or a shovel. It depends on the presence of dirt on them.

  • What do I need to do for Allay to launch a dance animation in Minecraft
    Turn on the jukebox next to it.
  • What happens if users give Allay Amethyst in MCPE
    It will perform an amethyst sound, show a heart and is duplicated.
  • What happens to the item that holds Allay?
    It glows in the dark.

Download Minecraft PE

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