Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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13 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: use mangrove wood to create buildings or bonfires.

What is new in Minecraft

The team of authors of the game pleased the players with the release of a new version of the game, which not only took into account the errors of early releases but also added new features.

Players will be able to enjoy stable and convenient gameplay, which becomes even more interesting every time. In Minecraft PE, there is an opportunity to try out a new mode, which has not yet had analogs in the cubic world.

Viewer Mode

Players who want to try something new and diversify the gameplay can appreciate the new spectator mode. It is worth noting that while this function is still under development and can be completely changed later.

Minecraft users can already activate it in the settings. By the way, mobs will not hide or react to such players and, importantly, they will not fall into traps.


One of the most formidable and dangerous mobs in Minecraft – Warden becomes even stronger with each version of the game. This time, the developers have added a function to it, with which it can control the direction of its attack. Moreover, this creature attacks anyone who meets on its way.

Players should get to know another creature, whose name is Allay. He can hold and bring various items to the hero. And when he throws them, users can hear a new sound. By the way, if he hears the music playing, then Allay will immediately start dancing.

Mangrove trees

A large number of unique trees grow in the mangrove swamp biome, from which players can build a smokehouse or make a bonfire.

In Minecraft PE, developers have increased the growth density of these plants to further match the Java version. But work on improving the landscape of this territory will still be carried out in the future.

  • What changes affected the behavior of Allay in Minecraft PE
    The objects he holds glow in the dark.
  • What happens if Allay hears music in MCPE
    He will launch a dance animation.
  • What new mode has become available to players?
    Spectator mode.

Download Minecraft PE

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