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Minecraft PE

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11 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE Wild Update with a working Xbox Live: rate the updated and incredibly addictive gameplay and be sure to visit the Mangroves.

What is new in Minecraft

The developers of Mojang Studios have once again pleased users with a new update. This time, players expect changes in the gameplay and even more stable operation of the application. Some mobs have new opportunities and skills.

The development of biomes that have recently appeared in the cubic world continues. For example, mangrove swamps receive maximum attention from the creators, thereby this area becomes more and more attractive for study.

In general, Minecraft PE Wild Update differs from previous versions with a large number of fixed technical errors so that players can fully immerse themselves in an incredibly exciting gameplay.

The developers also removed some experimental buttoms from the menu because there is no active content anymore.


One of the most important components of the cubic world can be considered biomes, because it depends on their content whether the player will have an interesting time in the game. That is why developers are constantly coming up with various innovations and updating the appearance of territories.

In Minecraft, the development of Mangrove Swamps continues, which this time have become even closer to the Java version. This happened due to an increase in the density of trees that grow in this location.

Also, to make the space more realistic, dirt blocks are placed under the grass blocks. By the way, in the Deep Dark biome, the effect of darkness will work in all dimensions of the Lower World and even the Edges.


The second mandatory component of the game are, of course, mobs. After all, their behavior and interaction with the player create a unique gameplay. Thus, in Minecraft PE, llamas who accompany a traveling merchant will now show aggression towards those creatures that attack him.

Allay has new time period for cooldown: now it is 5 minutes.

By the way, tamed mobs will not disappear when passing through the Portal of the Nether World when the hero is in multiplayer mode.

  • What changes have occurred in Mangrove swamps in MCPE
    The density of trees has been increased.
  • Where in Minecraft PE will the effect of darkness work?
    Darkness effect now works in the Nether and the End dimensions.
  • How has the behavior of Trader Llamas changed?
    They will be aggressive to those mobs that attack the Wandering Trader.

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