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5 October 2023
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Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition The Wild Update with a working Xbox Live: hit the road to new locations and continue exploring the vast expanses.

What is interesting in Minecraft

In this update, the developers tried to eliminate some errors that affected the correct operation of the entire system. Large-scale work continues on new biomes that have recently appeared in the game.

In Minecraft PE, the crashes that appeared in players using Marketplace were fixed. Now interaction with this function will become easier and more convenient.

Deep Dark

The recently appeared Deep Dark biome attracts many players not only for its novelty but also for the fact that many unexplored locations can be found in it.

For example, in exploring this area, users can find Ancient City, where the ruins of ancient buildings are located. It is in them that players will be able to find the lost treasures. But the journey promises to be very dangerous and difficult.

In Minecraft, developers have added new decorative blocks of Sculk Patches, which will appear in all areas of the darkest biome. In general, the generation and appearance of these areas have been improved.


The marketplace is an in-game platform where players can access various features and use them during the game. This is an important function that should work stably and be convenient for all users.

The developers of Mojang Studios in this version of Minecraft PE eliminated the problems and failures that occurred in this area. For example, downloads will no longer hang in the queue, and wish lists will be displayed correctly.

In addition, a bug has been fixed that was associated with the creation of templates, now players will be able to use this function in full. It is worth noting that errors with filling in the star rating icons have also been eliminated in this update.

  • Where can players find Ancient City in MCPE
    Players need to go to Deep Dark Biome.
  • What can players discover in Ancient City in Minecraft
    Abandoned treasures.
  • What is Marketplace?
    This is an in-game store where players can purchase access to skins, textures and worlds from community figures.
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