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Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE 1.19
4 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE The Wild Update with a working Xbox Live: embark on a journey through an incredible boundless world in which amazing adventures await the player.

What is new in Minecraft

The developers of Mojang Studios have pleased users with a new update, which is more aimed at eliminating failures and errors. Now the gameplay is optimized and has become more comfortable and user-friendly.

The world of Minecraft PE is so limitless and includes many elements, the correct operation of each of which is incredibly important for the entire cubic world.

In this version, the creators have improved the performance of the game, as well as improved the graphical and visual components.


This incredibly popular mob, which can become a great assistant to the hero in his travels, has been loved by many users. In each update, developers try to make changes to its functionality.

This time, temporarily in Minecraft, the ability to teleport together with Allay to the Lower World is disabled. This happened for the reason that an error occurred during this process and the creature could die.

The creators are making every effort to fix this problem. When it is solved, players will again be able to travel with a faithful companion throughout the cubic world.


An unusual and mysterious biome that attracts the attention of all users has appeared in the cubic world quite recently. Therefore, the developers are trying to make this location even more interesting for research.

Now in Minecraft PE mangrove trees are fixed, and their growth will occur correctly in any direction.

Technical changes

The developers fixed a problem in Minecraft that caused significant failures in the visual component of the game. This happened at the moment when the players used the same emotions more than once.

  • Can the player teleport to the Lower World with Allay?
    At the moment this feature is disabled.
  • What new biome can players visit in Minecraft
    Mangrove swamps.
  • What kind of glitch regarding the visual component is fixed in MCPE
    Fixed the problem when using emotions more than once.
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