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23 September 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: find new values in Ancient City and create an amazing item with their help.

What is new in Minecraft

The developers of Mojang Studios have again pleased users with new items and fixes in Minecraft PE New opportunities open up for the hero with the help of Recovery Compass, which can be created from Echo Shards.

Now players do not need to search for the place of the last death on their own, a new device can do this.

By the way, many minor bugs have been fixed to make the cubic world even more perfect and interesting. For example, fixed a bug that occurred on the “Create a new World” screen.

Echo Shards

In previous Minecraft updates, developers announced the appearance of the darkest biome in the cubic world – The Deep Dark.

In this terrifying place, players can find an amazing location called Ancient City. This place is interesting because there are abandoned buildings inside which there are chests with various treasures.

One of them is Echo Shards, the heroes will need them to build a Recovery Compass.

Recovery Compass

An amazing device that has a very important function appears in Minecraft PE With the help of Recovery Compass, the hero can find the last place where he died.

To create it, users will need to combine one ordinary compass and eight Echo Shards.

If the hero has not yet died in his world or is already in another dimension, Recovery Compass will rotate arbitrarily.

Other changes

Another update that accidentally got into this version is Spectator mode. At the same time, the developers pay attention that this function is still under development and there may be changes in it.

Warden has received such features as pain animation if he takes damage. Also, this creature has increased the range in which it can track the victim.

Allay will now recover two health points every second.

The developers decided to remove the copper horn from Minecraft, it did not meet expectations. But the goat horn now has an instant sound and its variants have been added to the game.

  • Where can the player find Echo Shards?
    In chests in Ancient City.
  • How to create a Recovery Compass?
    Users will need to combine one ordinary compass and eight Echo Shards.
  • What biome is the darkest?
    Deep Dark is the darkest biome.
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