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Minecraft PE

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22 September 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: visit a mysterious biome, make a friendship with Allay or fight enemies.

What is interesting in Minecraft Wild Update?

The developers of Mojang Studios have fixed the maximum number of errors of previous versions in this add-on. This will help make the cubic world even more interesting and exciting.

In Minecraft new interesting biome is available to players – Mangrove Swamps. This is a very mysterious place in which the player is sure to have interesting and exciting adventures.

The most confusing

The developers of Mojang decided to enslave all fans of Minecraft PE In this update, an incredibly interesting and confusing biome is available to users – Mangrove Swamps.

This place is filled with vegetation: thickets and tree roots meet on the path of the player. And who knows what creepy or amazing creatures may lurk in these murky swamp waters.


The swamp biome will always be associated with a lot of mud squelching under the feet of the traveler. Blocks of mud and clay bricks are implemented in Minecraft

If the player steps on them, characteristic sounds will be heard, this creates an atmosphere of complete immersion in a new reality.


Some updates were received in Minecraft PE by the friendly mob Allay. Now it will have its own sounds. It can be named or linked, but only if Allay holds an item.

By the way, the developers fixed a bug that caused Allay to not notice that they were playing music.

The capabilities of Sculk Sensors have been expanded, now they detect more vibrations. They notice everything, even when the player tries to sneak up in the water or from above.

Technical fixes

The developers have added to the settings the ability to control the effect of darkness in Minecraft Now the player can independently adjust the darkness of the screen.

  • Which functions no longer require turning on the experimental switch?
    Wild Update features.
  • What new biome has been added?
    Mangrove Swamp biome.
  • When can Allay be called by name?
    If he is already holding the item.
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