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17 September 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: explore the incredible underground world, use all the possibilities to survive!

What’s new in Minecraft

Mojang developers have paid in this update, special attention to the interface and characters of Minecraft PE

Some bugs have been fixed, which makes adventures in the block world very exciting.

Deep Dark

The long-awaited Deep Dark biome has finally hit Beta this week. This is good news because there are a lot of new features available in it.

But do not rush, because the joy will be replaced by a chilling horror. The fact that the Guardian considers this place his home makes it clear that this place is not for the faint-hearted.

Dim light, darkness, and complete silence are what accompanies players in the Deep Dark biome. Gamers have to be brave to dare to go through all the trials of this inhospitable place.

It should be noted that there will be no The Warden in this version of Minecraft, but very soon players will be able to see it!


Mojang developers also did not ignore Allay. This is a kind and responsive mob that already has many fans in the gaming world.

In Minecraft PE update, Allay has received several fixes. Now it doesn’t take damage from the owner. If Allay holds an item, it will only take similar ones. Also after this mod delivers an item, it gets a break.

Experimental functions

The developers of Mojang have not provided changes for the Copper Horn in this version, but perhaps in the next versions of Minecraft, they will appear.

An interesting item can be used in this modification – this is the boat in which the chest is placed.

It is very convenient in the process of traveling because the player can put his things in the chest.

To create such an item, it is necessary to connect the boat with the chest.

Error correction

By the way, the developers have fixed some bugs, which helps to make the game in Minecraft PE even more interesting and exciting.

  • How to get a Boat with Chest?
    It is crafted by combining a Chest with any Boat.
  • Which item will Allay pick up?
    The same one he is holding.
  • What biome is the darkest?
    Deep Dark Biome.

Download Minecraft PE

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