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Minecraft PE

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17 September 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: get new items, blocks, use effects, and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

The Mojang Studio authors have added new items with sound effects to the Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update, refined the gameplay, and fixed several bugs.


Players may notice that the developers fixed the bugs of previous versions in Minecraft For example, the sounds that players can hear during the death of mobs are better now.

The strip of hunger is also now reflected correctly in all worlds.

Mobs are do not stuck on the ground. By the way, the Pocket Edition has become even more similar to the PC version: the camera will shake when the player receives damage.

Copper Horn

The game community received an interesting item in Minecraft PE Players can craft a copper horn from three copper ingots. This object has three different sound effects.

Goat Horn

The goat horn, which mountain goats help to get, received many changes. The developers have added sounds to Minecraft, and each goat has its sound effect.

For the horn to fall out of the animal, it must collide with a stone block. Iron and copper ore, emerald ore, or logs will have the same effect.

By the way, there is sometimes a goat with one horn in the mountains. But cubs are always born with two.


If a Minecraft PE player needs decorative blocks to decorate the landscape or home, the froglight will be an ideal option. It is not difficult to get it: you need to offer a magma cube to the frog, and then the block will drop.

Decorative froglight can be green, yellow, and purple.

Sculk blocks

There are other unusual blocks in Minecraft Each of the varieties of sculk serves different purposes. The feature of the shriker is the ability to impose the effect of darkness on Steve.


  • How to get a cooper horn?
    You can craft a copper horn from three copper ingots.
  • What colors froglight can be?
    It can be green, yellow, and purple.
  • What effect Steve can get from the shriker?
    The dark effect.
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