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6 September 2023
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Download the second part of the Minecraft PE Cave Update for Android for free: new frog sounds, updated caves, and much more!

Minecraft Beta: Caves & Cliffs Part 2

Developers from Mojang Studios have released the first beta version of Minecraft Caves and Mountains. After a long lull in the previous branch, the team decided to implement a huge amount of content at once. Among the changes, you can find new blocks, a dangerous mob, a change in the appearance of the Sandbox, and much more!


In the Minecraft update, Mojang Studios developers decided to add new creatures – frogs. They can be found in the swamp biome. Usually, they are orange, but you can change them. To do this, you need to breed frogs, take the tadpole in a bucket of water.

After that, select the biome we need and grow it there. For example, the frog will be white in the jungle, and in the snowy biome, it will be green. Also, these creatures feed on small slimes. It is worth noting that they do not eat the slime itself that falls from the slimes.


For starters, the developers have implemented a very useful feature in Minecraft for those who do not understand the device’s power.

When entering MCPE, the game will offer the user a recommended drawing. The player can decide whether to leave everything as it is or choose the optimal settings.

New blocks

Also, in the Minecraft update, the developers added new rolling blocks. All of them are black and green, and each of them has a special feature Sculk shrieker can impose a darkness effect on the user or mob, which greatly impairs vision.

The sensor can pick up all the sounds around it and transmit them to the screamer, activating it from afar. Sculk Catalyst can store the experience from the monsters killed nearby. All these blocks can be found at a height below zero or taken in a creative.

  • Can I tame a goat in MCPE
    No, you can only milk it.
  • What do I do with a goat horn?
    You can utilize it to produce raid sounds.
  • What do I need to collect powder snow?
    You'll need a bucket.
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