Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft Bedrock 1.18
2 September 2023
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Download Minecraft with a working Xbox Live: switch to Wild Update, experience the dark effect, and enjoy the brand-new music!

What’s new in Minecraft

The Mojang studio team has actually implemented several crucial additions for the gamers in the 2nd part of the Minecraft Cave Update Also, the developers have repaired some bugs.

Technical improvements

The world of Minecraft has actually ended up being much more intricate: the textures of many objects have been updated, places have stopped to mix, and the borders of biomes have become broader.

By the way, the generation of designs in biomes now accompanies the same frequency as in the Java Edition. The designers have enhanced the engine and fixed bugs resulting in gamers freezing and crashing.

Wild upgrade

An unanticipated function from the designers of Minecraft is the appearance of a brand-new experimental mode in the game. The entire household of sculk obstructs invested the night in the Wild Update. In the exact same mode, the result of darkness now works.

The authors of the video game have big plans for further developing the Wild Update so that we can expect new content in the future.

Music and darkness

Minecraft store has been upgraded. The gamer can load music in the game menu. This uncommon impact happens unexpectedly in Minecraft When darkness falls, the gamer’s vision is substantially decreased for a certain period of time.

Frogs in the game

The Majong developers have settled new inhabitants in the swamps of Minecraft on Frogs are able to mate, lay eggs and continue offspring in the form of tadpoles. By the way, players can catch baby frogs using a bucket. If the tadpole ends up on land, it moves for some time, but eventually dies.

  • Can I tame a goat in MCPE
    No, you can only milk it.
  • What do I do with a goat horn?
    You can utilize it to produce raid sounds.
  • What do I need to collect powder snow?
    You'll need a bucket.

Download Minecraft PE

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