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26 August 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: use a spyglass while traveling, go to search for new biomes.

Features of MCPE

As for the novelties, we should start by changing altitude. In Minecraft PE, the structure level differs from what was shown in earlier releases.

The fact is that the developers decided to increase the altitude of the clouds, while the whole neighborhood would seem more massive and unwieldy. It’s incredibly cool, because every time the Sandbox changes more and more, giving users more content and more changes.

Also, an important novelty is the effect of darkness. You can learn more about its properties if you go down deep into the caves and start exploring them.


Minecraft PE has two interesting biomes: dark depths and lush caves. The depths are very dangerous, where the player burns unpredictable monsters and traps.

At the same time, the lush caves will delight you with an abundance of plant elements. Here you are safe, Steve can rest in peace from his adventures.

Lush Caves.

A new location appeared in the Minecraft PE The peculiarity of the room is that the whole area of lush caves is decorated with various flowers and plants.

The biome is quite extensive, so it can easily accommodate all the new items from Caves & Cliffs. Unique plants include spore flowers, flowering azalea, hanging roots, glowing berries and lichen, moss, and more.

The best part is that some plants can only be found here. In other parts of the map, generating novelties is simply not possible.


It doesn’t take much to create a spyglass: a pair of pieces of amethyst and copper. If you put all the materials in the workbench, you’ll get an irreplaceable adventure!

In Minecraft PE, the target will approximate the desired image, so the player will consider all the elements and suspicious locations in detail.

During the observation, there will be a blackout. It’s just a characteristic effect of a spyglass.

  • Can I tame a goat in MCPE
    No, you can only milk it.
  • What do I do with a goat horn?
    You can utilize it to produce raid sounds.
  • What do I need to collect powder snow?
    You'll need a bucket.
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Download Minecraft PE

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