Minecraft PE 0.1.2

Minecraft PE 0.1.2

Download Minecraft PE 0.1.2
25 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 0.1.2 for Free on Android: explore an amazing and interesting cubic world in which players are waiting for adventures.

What is interesting in Minecraft 0.1.2?

With each version, the cubic world becomes more convenient for players. In the game menu in Minecraft PE 0.1.2, players will see only three buttons. This is a choice of multiplayer or single-player games, as well as settings.

By the way, the developers have added the function of viewing the game from a third person. It is also available to mute sounds and mirrors the change of the storyboard for lefties.


Minecraft 0.1.2 opens up great opportunities for players to unleash their creative potential. Players can use many different building blocks, including glass, bricks, sandstone, and earth.

It is noteworthy that cacti and iron ore are already available to the heroes, although they have not yet been officially presented in this version.

All blocks can be installed anywhere and destroyed if necessary. This really provides ample opportunities for the construction and development of the player in the cubic world.

In addition to functional objects, users can use 2 types of flowers and 2 mushrooms in the game. Install them in the room in order to make it cozier and more beautiful. Another useful element is a ladder, by installing it players can conveniently climb up or go down.


The process of generating space in Minecraft PE 0.1.2 occurs randomly. The player gets into a limited area, beyond which he will not be able to get out in any way.

In the world itself, players will be able to use various blocks for construction, as well as play not only independently, but also together with friends.

To do this, the player will need to create an access point on his phone and create a world. Other players will have to choose the Join Game option in the menu.

  • How many blocks are available in MCPE 0.1.2?
    About 36 blocks are available.
  • How does landscape generation work in Minecraft PE 0.1.2?
    Landscape generation creates a world of limited area.
  • Is it possible to play with friends?
    Yes, you can play not only alone, but also in the company of friends.

Download Minecraft 0.1.2

Minecraft PE 0.1.2
25 October 2023 2.4
Minecraft PE 0.1.2

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