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30 August 2023
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Download Minecraft full version with working Xbox Live for Android, and decorate your structures with new decorative blocks!

Minecraft PE – What’s New?

The second preview for the 1.9 release and the Village and Pillage update. Mojang developers added bamboo forest, robbers. In addition, various types of pre-existing blocks appeared in Minecraft


As mentioned earlier, a large number of new types of existing blocks have appeared in Minecraft Such blocks include rungs, signs, slabs, fences, and smooth blocks. In addition to new types of blocks, the developers have tried and added new blocks.

Among them are a lantern and a bell. With the help of a lantern, you can illuminate any area and using a bell. You can disperse residents to their homes. Also, the tension sensor has undergone some changes. Now, when it is destroyed, it is activated.


A creature hostile to the player in Minecraft, using a crossbow as a weapon. It has 24 health units and lives mainly in the forest mansion. Pillager is the only mob whose weapon can break, after which it becomes passive. Also, it was with this version that this mob had sounds and animations of the crossbow.

Bamboo forest

New location in Minecraft, which is generated in the jungle. Bamboo grows in the bamboo forest, and there are rare trees. Pandas live in large numbers here. This is not surprising because they love to eat bamboo.

Other minor fixes for MCPE

As in any other update, Minecraft also took care of the shortcomings:

  • pandas stop eating if set on fire;
  • slugs drop mucus;
  • the snowman’s hands are displayed correctly;
  • the horizontal stream of water does not turn into a column of bubbles above the shower sand block;
  • scaffolding can be placed on the glass;
  • Has the panda issue been fixed?
    Yes, pandas now eat food correctly.
  • How to find a bamboo forest?
    This is a small location that can be located in any part of the jungle.
  • Do robbers have any protection?
    No, they go without armor. But at the same time they have 24 units of life.
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Minecraft PE
31 August 2023 2.8
Minecraft PE 1.9.0

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