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Minecraft PE

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2 November 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free Copper Update: use unprecedented blocks to decorate buildings and also during construction.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

In the dynamically changing cubic world, there is a big replenishment again and this time it will appeal to a large number of users.

First of all, it is worth noting that in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the creators have added everything that they promised at the last vote.

Copper Blocks

One of the most interesting among the new blocks in MCPE are rightfully objects made of copper. Mainly because of their unique features, and also because they change their color as a result of the oxidation process. Players can correct this situation and eliminate it in the future by following these steps:

  1. clean the oxidized block with an axe;
  2. rub it with wax so that it does not happen again;
  3. Enjoy unique features in Minecraft PE

Players can use doors, grilles, and hatches from this resource. Also, the developers have added recipes for cooking Chiseled and Woxed versions of these blocks. This will expand the possibilities of their use in the gameplay and explore all the functionality.

Tuff Objects

These blocks are united by the common material from which they are created in Minecraft version – this is Tuff. It has a dark gray color and different options can be made from it in a stone cutter.

Among them, Minecraft players can distinguish polished, with a pattern in the form of bricks and chiseled. By the way, unique recipes for these blocks have been added in this version, as well as the textures of some of them have been updated.

Technical changes

During the game, the characters often use flight to move around the territory. In Minecraft PE fixed a bug where players often slowed down their speed during the flight if they touched the ground, now this will not happen.

Also, players using touch controls can now wade through the water.

  • How many types of tuff blocks are there in Minecraft PE
    At the moment there are three.
  • How many blocks of Copper in MCPE
    5 options.
  • How to clean the copper block?
    With an axe.

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