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Minecraft PE

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13 September 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free Trails & Tales Update: find out what new features have appeared to the Cartographer and Armorer, and also go in search of enchanted books.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

Continuing the development of Trails & Tales Update, the developers of Mojang Studios offer users unusual features that are available when the Experimental Mode is turned on. It is worth noting that if it is not activated, the gameplay will remain the same.

By the way, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, various creatures have received new sounds, for example, Desiccant Skeletons. Stray cats also meow when they ask for food. If he drinks from a water bottle or fills it, the process will be accompanied by original sounds.

Experimental possibilities

As experimental features, the developers of Minecraft version offer advanced features for the Cartographer and Gunsmith. As you know, previously the first one sold only two variants of cards. Now he will have seven more brand new items.

Each of them indicates the location of a particular village or structure. This will certainly help users in finding previously unseen biomes.

Interacting with the gunsmith in this Minecraft PE, novice users can purchase an excellent set of iron armor and shields. Those heroes who have already acquired a sufficient number of diamonds and emeralds can count on buying diamond equipment.

Search for Enchanted Books

Traveling through the territory of the cubic world will be even more interesting in MCPE because now players have the opportunity to find enchanted books in various structures. They help users to get effects such as Quick Charge or Mending and many others.

Look for them in Pillager Outposts, Ancient Cities, Desert or Jungle Temples, and Mineshafts in Minecraft PE


To meet this amazing creature in Minecraft PE, users should go to the reservoirs or the plains. Sniffer spends all his time searching for seeds. In Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can grow beautiful plants from them.

  • How many new maps can be purchased from a Cartographer in Minecraft PE
  • What is needed to buy diamond armor?
    MCPE requires not only diamonds, but also emeralds.
  • What items can be found in some structures?
    Enchanted books.
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